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This newsletter is by me, Jeremy Markiz, a rabbi and strategist with a vision to help explore Jewish professional work, grow our institutions, and imagine together how we can make it better.

I am constantly asking myself these questions:

How do we grow?
How can we think differently?
What can we learn from other industries?
What can Jewish institutions do to be more efficient?

This newsletter is an exploration of those ideas from lessons I learned working as a rabbi in a synagogue and from the countless conversations I have as a consultant with Jewish institutions of all kinds.

I called this newsletter Jewish Work because of the overlapping qualities of working in Jewish spaces and trying to work in Jewish ways. It is this intersection that interests me both personally and professionally and is also a reflection of what our work really looks like.

I invite you to join the conversation on each post: commenting with your experience and the questions you’re still wrestling with. There is so much we can learn from each other if we’d only share.

For far too long, Jewish professionals have been working independently without the opportunity to learn from one another. Here, my vision is to break down those barriers.

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